Sellers: Is your home prepared for the spring market (it’s already started!)? Here are my top 5 tips to get ready asap.

While it certainly doesn’t feel one bit like spring in Chicago, the spring market is very much here! Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that simultaneously the spring market in Chicago is starting and ending earlier. We used to say the Super Bowl was the the official start of the spring market, but for 2019 I believe it really started in January!

If you’re reading this and panicking because you were thinking of listing your home for the spring market and thought you still had plenty of time, take a deep breath. We can still make this work! Your goal for going live should be March, or April at the very latest since this is when the most amount of serious buyers are out there. “Second home markets” like Streeterville and Gold Coast are slight exceptions to the rule since those markets are a bit more evergreen.

To hit the goal of a March go-live date, here are my top tips for getting your home in order, asap. After reading this, the next thing you should do is call me!

  1. Keep an eye on the weather for exterior shots! An exterior shot is actually a legal requirement to list your home because it must be the first photograph anyone sees. The first time it rains and some of the dirty snow is washed away, call your broker. I work with the best photographers, and they are always able to run over to at least snap a few outdoor shots.

  2. DON’T worry about the weather for interior shots. For interiors, we are able to “create” a nice day by adding in blue skies during editing. So don’t fret! Spend your energy instead on making your home look it’s very best.

  3. Baskets are your friend! Seriously though, baskets make organization so easy. Use baskets to house all of your “everyday life” clutter (dog toys, paperwork, exercise equipment) so that spaces appear open, clean and airy. A good rule of thumb is to put away half of your decor--more is not more here, less is more! Store whatever you put away at the top of a closet. I love the basket selection at The Container Store or Target.

  4. Touch up paint is a must. Everyone has at least one spot in their home that could use a tab of touch of paint. Check your baseboards, moldings, doors, etc. to make everything look as fresh and new as possible.

  5. Don’t forget the closets. My rule of thumb here is to clear out any clothes that our out of season. An emptier closet is definitely the goal here, so also remove any of those plastic dry cleaner bags.

I can’t count the number of times my team and I have prepared a home to list in four days! Are you thinking of selling? Now is definitely the time to start making some calls--and buying some baskets!