The BRG team expands: Please welcome Ali Rozina!

Here we go again...the BRG team is expanding once more! Honestly, there’s really nothing I love more than welcoming a new powerhouse broker to our team. What it means is new ideas, collaboration, and of course more hands on deck to help serve our ever-growing client base. 

I kind of feel like I “won” Ali because she was recruited by several of the city’s best brokerages, and for good reason. Ali has experience, integrity, but most of all she is an amazing person. Filled with wisdom beyond her years, and a great attitude. With Ali on our team, I feel like we are truly unstoppable, and I am so grateful she chose us. Welcome to the team, Ali! Find more information about Ali’s background here.

What did you do before starting in real estate? 
Before I began my career in real estate, I wanted to be the next Erin Andrews. When I quickly discovered that ESPN wasn’t going to hire me right out of college, I went into advertising and worked as a Planner in print, TV and radio media. I then crossed over to the sales side, working for MTV Networks and the San Francisco Giants. After ultimately moving back to Chicago and searching for an apartment for myself, I crossed paths with an old college friend who had started his own Real Estate company in Chicago. He put the full court press on me to consider foraying my sales and marketing skills into real estate, and I found my true passion and career path. Seven years later and I haven’t looked back.

You started your real estate career in the luxury rental market, and you blew up immediately! What do you think is the secret to your success? 
I think the secret to my success is passion, and leading with my heart. Real estate is a very fast-paced industry, and it’s easy to lose sight of how important this decision is to your clients. It’s their home, the space in which they cook dinner, make memories, dream and unwind. It’s a true expression of who they are so the little details like natural sunlight, open kitchen concept, and even an outdoor space for a chair to sit and enjoy nature are so important to making them feel at home. I never want to lose sight of those little details that mean so much.

What is your favorite part of working in real estate? 
My favorite part of working in real estate is finding the perfect match! I love the look on my clients’ faces when we walk into a home and you just get that feeling of “this is the one!” The search is over and I got to play matchmaker. 

What does your typical day entail? 
I wake up every day with a positive attitude and ready to take on what lies ahead. I usually take my rescue dog, Yogi, for a nice long walk and then I do an hour of yoga at Zen Yoga Garage. It’s such a great way to wake up the body and find your center before tackling the todo list. 

Afternoons are usually booked with showings and being out on the field. At night I love to cook and try out new recipes from scratch. I try to practice piano once a day and then hang with my dog and answer emails at night. On the weekends I am often at open houses and on tours, but I also love to travel and go to church. Staying active keeps the blood flowing.

You are a hot commodity and were recruited by several teams! What drew you to BRG? 
I fell in love with Julie’s positive attitude and energy. I can tell that she is passionate about what she does, and so is the entire BRG team. I love working with a strong group of women that can balance work, family and fun because they are all so important. They have a system set up for success when you triumph, and support when you fall--therefore you cannot fail.

What was your big ah-ha moment in your real estate career thus far? 
I had a past client write a review and say how genuine and sincere I was in a very “involved” real estate transaction. There were some major hurdles to overcome, but truth and sincerity will prevail when you have someone’s best interest at heart. I have carried that with me throughout my career and will continue to do so in the years to come.

What are you most excited about in the coming year? 
Starting with Compass and BRG! The possibilities are truly endless!

Where do you live in Chicago, and what is your favorite neighborhood? 
I just moved to West Town after living in many neighborhoods over the years including Lincoln Park, Old Town, Gold Coast, Streeterville, West Loop and Near West (hey, I’m a Realtor and I tend to get real estate envy). My favorites have changed over the years but I appreciate parks and restaurants and Lincoln Park has both. I have been recently exploring up-and-coming neighborhoods like Avondale and North Center so you may catch me there in the near future!


You are a crazy amazing athlete, what is your favorite:

Workout - Kayla Itsines BBG! It’s an app that gives you three, 28 minute workouts a week. It’s perfect for the hardworking diva that doesn’t have much time.

Gym in Chicago - West Loop Athletic Club, Zen Yoga Garage, Soul Cycle. 

Best workout tip! Balance! I like to work out a ton, but I also listen to my body. I do lots of different workouts like run, bike, swim, play volleyball and do tons of yoga. But if my body needs a rest, I’m also good at the sport of doing nothing for a day or two to let my muscles recover.

What is your biggest athletic accomplishment? 
My biggest accomplishment athletically was the half Ironman. I trained 6 days a week for 8 months to conquer a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. Two weeks before the event I pulled my calf, but knew I had to push myself to participate. It was a tough race, but I made it to the finish line nonetheless.Through the 6 hours it took me to complete, I said to myself, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t...either way, you’re right.” I knew I could ;)